Integration Solutions
Integration Solutions Company provides integration solutions to medium and large sized enterprises based on their requirements that make them capable to survive and prosper in the era of fast changing business and organizational requirements. Company provides out-of-box solutions to its clients, which are uniquely competitive, yet secure.

Armed with the ability to meet current requirements of integration, security, flexibility, scalability, and maintainability in an efficient manner, Glozon helps an organization to identify and implement the most suitable integration framework, based on Web Services standards.

Glozon Advantages:

Ensures consistent delivery of business capabilities: Manage operations at business service layer to ensure that business capabilities of an organization are delivered with high quality and responsiveness. Extend management reach to provide true business-level insight by extracting business data from service requests and responses.

Enforces policies for security: Provide an overall security context, not on the cost of flexibility and scalability of the system, to establish a reliable access control and security framework.

Provides application mediation: Make inter-service interaction (Internal or External) easy, even in case of heterogeneous systems utilizing multiple protocols.

Provides policy-based flexibility and configurability: Flexibility and configurability are the major themes. Apply policies for Technical Operations (e.g. “Raise an alarm when services are slow”), Business Operations (e.g. “Redirect certain queries to a dedicated service”), and Security (including both authentication of user and authorization of access to services).

Real-time Support: GLOZON implements an extremely flexible framework that makes it possible to “manage work-flow and structural changes in real-time” (There are no functional changes in most of these cases) with minimal cost. GLOZON also provides formidable support for Alerting and exception Management, Transaction Management, Deployment Management, Logging and Auditing support.

Challenges that we address

  • Integrating functional and condition driven requirements
  • Integrating classes and sectors
  • Linking appropriate management and decision support systems
  • Flexibility of the system and level of Adoption


  • Narrow technology focus; broad business focus
  • Exploiting standards
  • Transparent, consistent, and easily audited processes
  • Process-based, both inside IT and with the business

Tackling Issues in an Information System Design

  • Lack of cost and service transparency
  • Lack of clearly defined processes (workflow is broken)
  • Lack of standardization (process, technology, and asset) makes improvement a challenge

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