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Reliance Energy Ltd.
Implementation of Master Database and Application for preparation of DPR

Client: Reliance Energy Ltd.
Status: Implemented successfully / Operational
Technologies: J2EE (Jakarta Struts), MySql 5.0.2, php5
Framework/Architecture: 3-tier (MVC 2)

This system has been developed and implemented to support the process of data collection, management, extraction (in Standard format) and analysis (Projection etc.) for use in UPRE project which is the largest ever power distribution project in India.

  • Localization
  • Inventory Management
  • Management of Technical Data (Substations, Transformers, Feeders etc.)
  • Project scope Mgt. (Planning & Execution)
  • System Administration
  • Report Generation (MIS/DPR reports approved by REC)

  • Usability: Robust system, but easy to use. Non-IT background of end-users came out as a challenge during development of user interface for the project.
  • Scalability: Keeping in mind rapidly changing demands of the client, system was designed to ensure the future scope and utility with minimum overhead possible.
  • Security: Security, consistency of data and access-control were major issues, which were judiciously solved by the project team without compromising usability and efficiency of the whole system.

Reliance Energy Ltd.
Augmentation of Master Database and Application for generation of BOM & BOQ

Client: Reliance Energy Ltd.
Status: Implemented successfully / Operational
Technologies: J2EE (Jakarta Struts), MySql 5.0.2, php5
Framework/Architecture: 3-tier (MVC 2)

Augmentation of the previously described system was carried out to support maintenance of engineering quantity database (Estimate and As-Built) for generation of BOM and BOQ, for the purpose of use by EPC Deptt. in an ongoing project.

  • Creation of Material Schedules
  • Management of Supply and Erection Costs
  • Management of BOQ and As-Built data
  • Generation of cumulative BOQ at various localizations (To be distributed to subcontractors)
  • Augmentation of user-management and access control modules

During this project the project team had to successfully develop and integrate modules with an existing system without compromising the stability of the system. System was designed to work with large volume of database.

Sainik School, Nagrota
School Management System (i-Skool ERP Solution)

Client: Sainik School, Nagrota
Status: Implemented successfully / Operational
Technologies: J2EE, MySql 5.0
Framework/Architecture: 3-tier (MVC 2)

  • Built upon open source platform and Built to be secure, scalable and highly available.
  • Built for Administrators to provide end to end solution.
  • i-Skool employs role based access control providing highest form of security.
  • i-Skool is built to accommodate hundreds of schools.
  • Provides extensive reports for each face of the school.
  • Provides instant access from anywhere & anytime.
  • Dashboards aggregate information for the users.
  • Simple user interface for minimalistic learning curve.
  • Deployed in SAAS (Software as a Service) model eliminating need for complex infrastructure or trained IT Professionals at the campus.
  • Updates and Bug fixes are freely provided to all existing customers.
  • Provides regulatory compliance reports to meet local needs.
  • Monitoring data in real time helps to minimize delays.
  • Parents, Teachers and Management can easily and effectively communicate with the help of iSkool.
How does the Administration know if the School needs it?
  • If you are person running the school & you are answering parents continually over phone and in person.
  • If you are having trouble controlling the operating expenses of the Institution.
  • If you are having way too long to process any administrative requests from the current and past students.
  • If you are finding very little time to teach and grow tired of filling lengthy paperwork.
  • If you are concerned that you are held captive by a few old employees with years of experience.
  • Your interest to take the school forward is not supported by your team members properly.
What would be the ROI?
  • Savings from efficiency of operation.
  • Savings from prevention of pilferage of assets.
  • Effective use of the system would improve accountability of the staff members.
  • Improved communication between the parents and teachers would result in improved school image.
i-Skool ERP Solution Modules:
  • School Info
  • Curriculum
  • Staff
  • Student
  • Admission
  • Fee
  • Time Table
  • Attendance
  • PTA
  • Scholarship
  • Library
  • Asset
  • Performance
  • Transport
  • Hostel
  • Question Paper
  • Front Office
  • Extra Curricular
  • Payroll
  • CCE


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