Inventory Management
Warehouse Management Procurement Management
  • A network enabled application for supporting all Procurement Management Activities including Preparation of BOM & BOQ, Budgetary Allocations, Bid Analysis, Contract Management and Material Management.
  • A scalable Application, keeping in mind the requirements of the future
  • A Dynamic and modular Design, enough to ensure fast and easy updating of the Web Application, including integration with existing or future systems/applications
  • A robust security and access-control framework to prevent malicious access to database and application features

Salient Features

  • Web-Services Based System
    • Major shift from tightly coupled architectures of the traditional client/server systems
    • Organization can greatly benefit from increased scalability in both size and access and lower the risk of application implementation and maintenance failures
    • Compensates for the lack of planning that may arise in the implementation frenzy of application development
    • Not to mention ad hoc need to provide ongoing storage capacity for business demands
    • Low System Requirements and easy maintainability
  • Support for:
    • Performance Management
    • Capacity Management
    • Configuration Management
    • Change Management
    • Problem Management

Addressing the issues: Inventory Management

  • Planning
  • Analysis and Scope Evaluation
  • Process Flow
  • Warehouses
  • Procurements
  • Stocks
  • Subcontracting
  • Installation
  • Reconciliation
  • ERP Integration

Our Concern and Focus on Inventory Management

  • Analysis and Evaluation
  • Constraint consideration and criteria fulfillment
  • Process Automation
  • Single point of Information Access & Retrieval
  • Avoid Data Duplication
  • Fast & Efficient Information Flow
  • Process Control
  • Robust Access Control

Differentiating Factors: Glozon Advantage

  • Operational Benefits
    • Automation of Organizational Information-Collection and Information-Flow and minimization of manual-intervention in the process.
    • Design of a Responsive and Fail-Safe Network-Based Integrated System to support current and future business/organizational processes.
    • Support for Real-Time Data Accessibility at all levels of operation.
    • Robust Data Backup System to support reliable Data-Storage and Data-Warehousing functions.
    • Minimization of vendor-dependencies and insurance of effective data flow all across the system.
    • User Friendly and Easy-to-Use system for Easy/Cost-effective Maintainability.
    • Low Operational Cost.
    • Merger and Consolidation of operational data to generate comprehensible MIS-Reports at Different Nodal Points of Information Exchange.
  • Technical Benefits
    • Procurement of vital infrastructure (Hardware/Networking Components) to ensure reliable. connectivity to all Nodal Points of Information Exchange.
    • Design of Network-Based Distributed system to avoid a single point of failure.
    • Design of System to ensure low overheads for future Augmentations and Integrations.
    • Support for Multiple Platforms and Technologies to ensure maximum flexibility and scalability, by using Web-Services based approach.
    • Phase-wise Implementation for reliable and safe implementation and early problem resolution.
    • Enforce policies for system-security and access-control.

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